Frequently Asked Questions

The Sacco draws its membership from employees of Catholic Institutions, Catholic Faithfuls, Priests, Brothers and Sisters, spouses and members’ children above the age of 18 years. Willing persons working in Catholic Institutions are only required to have an introductory letter from their employer stating willingness of the employer to offer check off facility to the employee.Catholic Faithful application for membership forms will need endorsement by Jumuiya Chairman (chairperson) and Parish Priest.

Deposits are the regular member contributions that determine loan eligibility. Deposits cannot be partially or fully withdrawn or refunded without loss of membership. Member rejoining membership be required to pay membership fee and will be treated as new members.

Share Capital is member contribution that forms their portion of the Sacco ownership.  Share capital is not factored for loan eligibility, cannot be refunded but is transferable only when one seizes to be a member.

Yes, membership continues after leaving Catholic institution employment. Remittances and contributions done through: –

Standing order and Deposits into Waumini Sacco’s bank Accounts KCB

  • Waumini  Sacco society ltd.
  • Sarit Center Branch.
  • 1108502741.

Cooperative bank

  • Waumini Sacco Society ltd.
  • Westlands Branch.
  • 01100150088800.

Equity Bank

  • Waumini Sacco Society ltd.
  • Equity Bank Westlands, Branch
  • Account No. 0550299932764.

Members must indicate their membership numbers. 


  • Select Safaricom from the main menu
  • Select MPESA
  • Go to Pay Bill
  • Enter Waumini business No. as 700100
  • Enter  Account no. which is Sacco membership no. followed by the transaction Code e.g. 12345D for deposit or 12345DL for development loan.
  • The Transaction code are D-Deposit, S-Share Capital, Loans DL–Development, RES–Restructuring, SEL-Self guaranteed, LOY–Loyalty EL-Emergency, INST-Instant, CHP – chapaa, WAU –
  • Enter MPESA pin
  • Transmit and wait for confirmation.


  • Open  Equitel app( Must be having Equity bank account)
  • Paybill Number(Enter No. 700100- Waumini Sacco name will be shown)
  • Enter Bill Account Number( Member to put their members numbers)
  • Enter amount and PIN to complete the transactions

Direct Cash /Cheque deposits in Waumini Sacco- Fosa bank in Applewood, Westlands, Nakuru and Kisii Branches.

Yes, a member can transfer their deposits to another member at the point they cease to be members of the Sacco.

We have Pamoja Account which is a savings account for groups.  Group members should be 5-15 people and members of the Sacco, if not all, at least the officials must be members.

Category B Membership is Co-operate Account.  These are Catholic Institutions who join membership and open Institution Accounts for purpose of saving and credit facilities in order to develop their Institutions.

A member becomes eligible for loan after a minimum membership period of six (6) months. Member who transfers deposits from another Sacco qualifies for loan immediately. However, a letter from the Sacco must be attached detailing the transfer.

The maximum loan entitlement for Emergency and Normal loans to any member at any time will not exceed four (4) times of the member’s deposits.  Lumpsum deposit must be invested in the Sacco for a period not less than 6 months before qualifying for loan. Provided the amount of loan does not exceed the total amount of guarantee pledged by guarantors or collateral given. For members under payroll, this will be subject to repayment clause that total remittance to the Sacco (loans repayment, principal and interest, share/deposit contribution, Insurance risk fund, etc) must not exceed two thirds (2/3) of the member’s net statutory pay.

FOSA credit products are also subjected to a member deposit contribution and the applicant must retain 30% of their net salary or average monthly deposits into FOSA

Loan applications must be on the original serialized loan application form duly completed.  Copy of an acceptable form of identification (National ID/Valid Passport) for the loanee and guarantors, applicants KRA PIN MUST be attached to the application

  • Development/Restructuring loan,
  • school fees,
  • Emergency loan
  • FOSA products are also available for members who remit their salary through the Sacco. Visit our website (products and services tab) for more details.

All loans granted by the Sacco must be secured by any of the below:-

Guarantors in which case guarantors’ deposits MUST be equal to or more than the loan applied

Minimum number of guarantors is three

  • Own deposits when loan is less/equal to deposits one who has not guaranteed any other loan could self-guarantee but have to state in writing.  (95% in case of self-guarantee)
  • Land Collaterals 70% of value in urban areas and 50% for agricultural land 50% market value of NSE listed shares.
  • Treasury bonds.
  • Amount of loan applied for
  • Loan repayment period
  • Applicant contact details
  • Any other details relating to the applicant’s ability to repay including source of income

Yes this is possible.  This can be done by standing order, M-pesa pay bill, Msacco App/USSD, pay at the FOSA banking hall or at any of our bank accounts. Indicate you member number on all payments, send SMS to the Sacco sms line with the instructions.

Yes lump sum payment amount towards clearing/reducing their loans is acceptable at no extra charge

No, this is not possible, but loan rescheduling can be done under special circumstances but within the loan period.

  • A lost ATM should be reported immediately.
  • Replacing card takes about 3 weeks
  • Replacing pin mailers takes 1 (one) week.

If a withdrawal transaction is not successful it is advisable to communicate to the office immediately with all the details, i.e. date, transaction amount a/c no. and location to be able to facilitate reversal of the transaction.

This can be done from our offices and completing the Msacco form, the same can be done online by completing, scan and sending back the form together with ID copy. Registration is free, once registered, normal charges are on transactions apply. (Withdrawal charge is kshs. 70). Once registered dial *346# to access the service.

  • Mobile Banking is a fast, easy and secure way of accessing your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from wherever you are.
  • It allows you to transact (bank, withdraw, balance enquiry, transfer funds etc) without having to visit our offices physically, anytime, anywhere

Waumini cash is our mobile loan facility borrowed and repaid through mobile phone. Loan limit is kshs.5,000 and minimum of kshs. 200.
Waumini Cash Loan repayment period is 1 month at an interest rate is 7% deducted upfront. The loan can be accessed through dialing .276*22# available to members only. Contact office for more details.

A forgotten pin can be reset upon informing our office.

Waumini cash is our mobile loan facility borrowed and repaid through mobile phone. Loan limit is kshs.5,000 and minimum of kshs. 200.
Waumini Cash Loan repayment period is 1 month at an interest rate is 7% deducted upfront. The loan can be accessed through dialing .276*22# available to members only. Contact office for more details.

You change your personal details by filling member information card and advising our office to effect the changes accordingly.  For change of next of kin, complete and submit the nomination of next of kin forms. The form must be duly signed, witnessed and accompanied by a copy of national ID.

For change of name you may visit our offices and bring with you supporting documentation such as a marriage certificate. It can also be done, by scanning and sending a duly signed account information update form with supporting documentation.

The Branches are networked; information is available across the Branches.

Waumini Head office is at Applewood Adams, 2nd Floor, Ngong Rd. FOSA in Westlands remains as a Branch, providing all services.

Waumini Housing Cooperative Society was registered on the 10th of March  was not able to engage in due to regulatory limitations.

Waumini Sacco members are eligible to join upon acquiring full registration which entails a registration fee of Ksh. 1,000 and purchase a minimum of 300 shares valued at Kshs. 100 each; totaling to Kshs. 30,000.00. Registration forms can be accessed from all our outlets, i.e. Head Office in Apple Wood Adams, Adams Arcade, Westlands Branch, Kisii and Nakuru Branches and Rongai Liaison office.