Corporate Membership

The corporate membership is open to all catholic based institutions/organisations.

Membership Requirements

  1. Registration fee of Kshs 5,000 (non refundable)
  2. Share capital- Kshs 30,000 (Share capital is non-refundable but transferable to another Institution/Individual)
  3. Introduction letter/minutes with a resolution to open an account.
  4. Recommendation letter from a Bishop or his representative/ congregation head where applicable.
  5. Form duly filled with authorised signatories details

Benefits of Joining Waumini Sacco

  1. Quick salary/payroll processing.
  2. Quick loan processing and disbursements
  3. Affordable and competitive interest rates for loan products.
  4. Short savings period of 3 months.
  5. Flexible and longer repayment period of 5 years

Securities/Collateral used for Institution Loans

  1. Savings in FOSA
  2. Share Certificates at Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE)
  3. Log books.
  4. Title deeds
  5. Fixed deposits with guarantee from the Institution.