Loan Restructuring Product

  1. The maximum limit shall be four times one saving subject to the society’s approved limit.
  2. The interest chargeable shall be 13%pa
  3. The extra cash Commission of 10%.
  4. The product shall not be charged Bridging commission.
  5. The product shall be accessible to all savers.
  6. The term of the loan will be 84 months
  7. The loan to be fully secured by acceptable securities.
  8. The applicant must have exhibited good historical background on loan repayments
  9. The member to be in the company of guarantors who exhibit very good capital base and past good loan repayment.
  10. The drawing and the loan must end within the stipulated period.
  11. This product will only be applicable to members who desire to have additional cash on top of the existing loan balance.