Front Office Services Activities


We provide basic affordable banking services to meet members’ needs.

  • Access loans faster since members’ accounts at FOSA will be credited on the same day that loans are approved by the committee.  NB: All members are advised to open FOSA accounts to avoid the inconvenience of loan disbursement delays.
  • No Delays previously occasioned by EFT transactions.
  • All FOSA members can access their FOSA money through Co-op ATMs network from any part of Kenya at the normal rates. They can also access the same through Visa-branded ATMs worldwide.NB: All members are advised to fill in the ATM application forms for processing of the Visa cards.

Must have channeled salary through FOSA for at least 3months or a signed MOU …

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Maximum repayment period is 10 years

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Loan given 4 times member deposits

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The loan repayment period is 5 years

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MPESA codes

Waumini cash mobile loan

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